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فریم لنگه ثابت یا متحرک،آلومينيوم ترمال بريك با حداکثر عرض١٣٠٠ میلیمتر، مناسب براي شيشه دوجداره ، به همراه لينك گوشه فابريک ، جاروبك کف ، برش كاري و رنگ در ايران توسط آچيلان در انجام میشود .


When saving energy is of importance , TBS frame is an economical and inexpensive solution . Besides being thermal break, it can be coupled with double-glazing glass . Its thinness and also one-of-a-kind combination with Deutschtec Airdrive series , which hides the upper horizontal profile inside the operator’s case, has made TBS frame a smart gorgeous choice for modern architecture . This type of frame has successfully been tested for escaped doors . Special Features : • Selectable types of glass: insulating glass/heat protection glass/solar control glass/sound protection glass/safety glass/fire-resistant glass

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